Community Intervention II

Community Intervention Program II


The Community Intervention Program II focuses on serving at-risk girls aged 11-14. Students are referred by their principal and or guidance counselor.  The program began in October.  The girls meet on Tuesday and Thursday after school from 4 pm -7 pm and as needed on Saturday.  Transportation is provided by the program.  The program is designed to help middle school girls achieve in school and use their personal power to achieve their goals and dreams.  Community Intervention Program II believes that every young lady is precious with unique gifts and strengths.  We also recognize that teen pregnancy and lack of education are challenges that create enormous barriers to girls seeking to reach their full potentials.  Community Intervention Program II offer a curriculum that focuses on helping girls build leadership skills like self-reflection, critical thinking, sound decision making, goal setting, clear communication, and personal accountability.  Our mission is to improve quality of life and strengthening our community one girl at a time by empowering young women with self-development tools, guidance and support to strive for better.  Our vision is to provide girls with a safe place, skill development and self-esteem building that lead to better life choices and an opportunity to realize their full potential.  Our sessions feature a guided conversation led by a retired school teacher with advisors.  Topics might include school, relationships with family, friends, and boys, careers, health and other issues that are pressing our young ladies.  Community Intervention Program II addresses the interconnected issues of poverty, teen pregnancy, violence, and lack of educational attainment at their roots, by working with our girls during the critical teen years, when personal choices that are made can have lifelong consequences.  The girls build leadership skills and character traits such as honesty, personal accountability, clear communications, critical thinking about life and its choices and sound decision making.  Our girls learn a process for setting, working toward, evaluating, and reaching goals.  We feel these skills are essential to success in school, work and life.


Advisors: Sharon Bell, Ruby Koufie, & Anetta Reid